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Case Studies

With over 15,000 high-speed internet customers, Whip City Fiber has quickly become the provider of choice in its coverage area since launching broadband services in 2015. Customers appreciate having a committed local operator like Whip...
While the challenges Rainier Connect faced with the pandemic couldn’t have been foreseen, the key piece of advice they have is to trust the experts.
When GVEC began working with ISPN on outsourced internet help desk and customer support five years ago, high-speed internet subscribers totaled around 10,000. Bowles says subscribers now number more than 21,000.
Since Adams’ arrival, the number of customers has grown to approximately 7,500 and revenues have doubled due to a recent acquisition of another regional provider, and a greater focus on selling to new and existing...
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Other Articles

fiber cables excavated road managed services
Over the past few years, you may have heard the phrase “fiber frenzy” mentioned. With streaming video, IoT, cloud, HD video surveillance, and many more...
help desk call center employees smiling
Technical support can be overwhelming and difficult to manage in-house. For this reason, many companies choose to outsource their help desk. At ISPN, our HelpDesk...
Delivering exceptional customer support is paramount for any community-focused Internet Service Provider (ISP). One crucial aspect of customer service that ISPs should prioritize is achieving...
BEAD - Connecting America
In a pivotal move to advance the digital landscape of the United States, the Biden-Harris administration has announced state allocations for its $42.45 billion High-Speed...
billboard_map2-640w (1)
Spring is here in Kansas City, and we are thrilled to share exciting news with you! ISPN’s parent company has acquired iGLASS Networks, a leading...
A network operations center or NOC also called a "network manage
Combat Tool Sprawl and Alert Apathy with a Single Solution Most broadband service providers (“BSPs”) use multiple hardware and software platforms to create a network...

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