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The Threat of Cyberattacks

The Threat of Cyberattacks

With the ever-changing platform of technology and mass amount of data flowing through an organization’s network, it is imperative to remember the hidden obstacles that may inhibit performance. Cyberattacks, unfortunately, are now part of everyday discussion, as they have become more common, more invasive, and more threatening. Staying ahead of the curve and outlining a plan to proactively combat any potential risks to your organization and employees is essential.

Staying abreast of invisible technologies and how to manage them may oftentimes make or break an organization. Ed Moyle, author of “Invisible Technologies: What You Can’t See Can Hurt You” offers some great reminders for us all to keep at the forefront of our thoughts. Join ISPN at the upcoming NTCA CyberSecuirty Summit in Kansas City, October 22-24, to learn more, as well as talk with industry leaders about the latest in cyber threats and solutions. The ISPN team looks forward to meeting with you and engaging in discussion regarding this important topic.

To learn more, visit NTCA 2017 Cybersecurity Summit.

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